Made In Italy

Type (B) Collection is made in Italy. Each scarf is produced by a weaving mill located in Veneto, Italy, using the traditional loom. 

Type B fabrics have an aesthetic quality that makes them unmistakable for their characteristics of:

• Appearance, “handle” and drape;

• Brilliance of weave and colours;

• Refinement of technological solutions that means the yarns, weaves and finishing properties are of the highest standard.

Only Type B labelled fabric has certified quality.


Type (B) packaging is 100% reusable and recyclable. Each scarf is packaged in a paint bucket. The packaging pays tribute to the designer's inspiration derived from abstract and pop art. The hangtag attached to each scarf is plantable. This bucket can be a home for your plant!

Design & Inspiration

Type (B) offers supreme quality scarves with a European flair. The founder himself has created all designs where he evokes his admiration for Earth's colours, pop art and abstract art. He wanted to combine all admirations to create something unique and beautiful through each piece. 

What is a type B ?

Type B characteristics are apparent from a young age. You have a vibrant personality that fills a room up with charisma. There is a light inside of you that is always on. Your imagination is fruitful, which leads you to discover new ideas. Your creativity brings a lot of positive outcomes in your life. You are friendly to everyone, including strangers. Having loyalty to yourself and others as well is something significant to you. Achieving your goals is a priority. You have learnt that self-growth is a pivotal factor in life. You work hard so that you can play harder. You appreciate spontaneity. And of course, you have STYLE! (lots of it)

If you are any of these things, then you are TYPE B... which makes you pretty awesome.

So, welcome to the family!

Type B