• How do I clean a Type B product ?

We recommend that you avoid washing your scarves instead entrust them to your dry cleaner, who will clean them professionally and pay careful attention to their hand-rolled edges and fringes.
  • What types of payments are accepted ?

You can only pay for your purchases with a credit or charge card: MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®. Diners Club®, Discover®, and Union Pay®. You should enter your credit card or charge card number, its expiry date, and its card verification number on the relevant page.
  • Where are Type B scarves made ?

All Type B scarves are certified hand made in Italy.
Type B fabrics have an aesthetic quality that makes them unmistakable for their characteristics of:
• appearance, “handle” and drape;
• brilliance of weave and colours;
• refinement of technological solutions that means the yarns, weaves
and finishing properties are of the highest standard.
Only Type B labelled fabric has certified quality.