Morris Nader

"It's about art, luxury and being affordable" 

From working in the fashion industry since he was 16 years old, Morris Nader, born in Montreal with a Lebanese background, founder and creator of Type (B) Collection. He launched his accessory brand in October 2020. His brand is a reflection of his vibrant character, creativity and his love for life. From a young age, Morris developed a passion for scarves, and it was a long-time dream of his to create a brand that delivered out-of-the-box, Italian made scarves.
With a background in the hospitality industry, owning venues and organizing many events, Morris met various people from every part of the world. Along with his trips to multiple countries, he got inspired by the looks, fashion and style of each place he visited. His trips motivated him to create Type (B) Collection. He learnt that someone could wear scarves during each season with the proper material. For example, wool is used in the winter and linen is used in the summer. 

 Type B offers supreme quality scarves with a European flair. The founder himself has created all designs where he evokes his admiration for Earth's colours, pop art and abstract art. He wanted to combine all admirations to create something unique and beautiful through each piece.  

Type B Collection is made in Italy. Each scarf is made by a weaving mill located in Veneto (northeast region) and produced with the traditional loom. 

Type B packaging is reusable and recyclable. Each scarf comes in a paint bucket. The paint bucket pays tribute to Morris's inspiration that came from abstract and pop art.  

With expertise in accessory expression and an eye for design, the Type (B) brand focuses on delivering unique scarves with supreme quality. Driven by creativity, Type B is determined to show you the way to Playful Luxury.